Author: beautifulgoose272

Hello everyone, my name is Leola Chin. I am the founder and co-writer of Initially being the only writer of this site, I recruited another fellow co-worker who found their new passion in the world of online gambling to join me in this amazing journey to share our passion with everyone else. Born and raised in an Asian country, I didn’t know about the existence of something called online casinos. The topic of online casinos was not touched on where I grew up. This contributed to my curiosity to explore about this aspect when I grew up. What started as a pure curiosity, later on turned into a passion as I started to learn more about online casinos. As a Business Graduate with a Masters in Educations, I was only writing mainstream materials that were used as teaching materials in schools and colleges when I decided to diverge and start writing more about my passion in online casino. When I’m not writing for my teaching materials or my blog, I like to read classics with my absolute favourite being “A Midsummer Night’s Dream “and also watch sappy romantic comedy movies.