Setting Limits in Online Casinos: What is it and How Does It Work?

All the best casinos in the world have the ‘set limit’ feature, does you casino have it?

With online casinos being easily accessible to everyone at any time, it’s important for players to exercise responsible gambling. Gambling responsibly is part of the experience, and learning how to stay in line with that from the very beginning is crucial in setting your gambling style.

The best casinos in the world, mainly those that are online, are always striving to help players control their gambling habits. Other than providing gambling help-lines on the site, directing problem gamblers to the right channel to curb gambling addictions, online casinos also provide features where players can set limits.

Types of Limit

Most online casinos have several ‘set limit’ features players can make use of prior to gambling . All you need to do is head over to your account and look at what limits you’d like to set.

The most common ones are deposit, bet, loss, and time limit. Let’s take time limit for example. How this works is if you’ve set a time limit of an hour, you’ll receive a reminder after an hour that you’ve reached the capped limit of your time in the casino. It’s often that players lose track of time as they

play, so setting a time limit before playing could save you from overspending. Some casinos would have a cool off period, which prevents players from logging in to continue playing immediately.

Deposit, bet, and loss limit, just as the names suggest, imposes restrictions on the amount players spend. As players reach their capped amount, a notification will be sent out to remind players.

Know Your Limits


Players who ever need to lock themselves out of their account temporarily may do so with the timeout feature. While this may sound weird to some people, but time-outs are crucial in preventing problem gamblers to continue have access to the games.

Players who have imposed time-out on their account can set it for one day, all the way up to six months, depending on the casino. There will be a cooling off period for those who wish to revoke the time-out to ensure that players are not revoking it on impulse due to their addiction.


If you ever feel like things are getting out of hand, using the self-exclusion feature may be your last resort. The self-exclusion feature helps players lock themselves out of their account permanently. Although some casinos do offer players the option of reopening their account with a longer cooling off period.

However, for those who are getting locked out permanently, no amount of pleading or contacting the customer service will return you your account, not even the best casinos in the world can help get your account back.

Stop When the Fun Stops

If none of the features offered by your online casino works, you can also opt to call up your local gambling hotline to seek help. Gambling comes with responsibility, and players should seek for ways to overcome their addiction if it begins to affect you and your loved ones.

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