Beginner’s Guide: Special Features in Online Casinos

Awesome casino tips for beginners

Navigating through online casinos can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a complete beginner to casinos. Online casinos tend to have more special features as compared to landed ones due to its flexibility being located online, and that’s one of its appeal to veteran gamblers who’s looking for something new.

In this article, we’ll be introducing several awesome casino tips on features in online casinos for you to get started with.

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Setting Limits

We all have to admit that online casino games can get pretty addictive at times, but that’s not an excuse to overspend your budget. Most online casinos offer a ‘set limit’ option where players will get to decide when they want to stop playing.

There are a number of ways players can set a limit to their gameplay. One way is by setting a time limit. For example, if you’ve set your time limit at 30 minutes, you’ll receive a notification after spending 30 minutes on the site as a reminder.

Players can also choose to set other limits like loss limits, bet limits, or even deposit limits. All these limits are put in place to help players gamble responsibly and to not become a problem gambler.


If you ever feel the need to close yourself off to your own account for a while, there’s also the timeout feature. You can choose to block yourself from accessing your account for a day to up to six months. Players who wish to revoke the time-out feature may do so anytime, but there may be a cooling off period set by the casino themselves.

Players who wish to lock themselves out of their account indefinitely can choose the self-exclusion feature. To reactivate the account, players will need to go through a longer cooling off period which could last up to several days. Be careful while using this feature though, as some online casinos do not allow players to reactivate their account after using the self-exclusion feature.

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Free Play

Any awesome casino would have free play modes on their games. Free play provides players with a generous amount of game credit to try out and have full access to the game without using real money. This is extremely useful, especially for those who are completely new to online casinos and do not know what to expect.

It would be wise for players to understand the game before investing money in it to ensure that your money would not go to waste. This feature is available in most games, so players need not worry about not being able to find the free play option for their selected game.

Getting to know these special features and learning how to make full use of them is part of the unique experience online casinos are able to offer that landed casinos aren’t able to. If you’d like to read more about online casinos, check out some of our other articles at or send us an email and let us know what you’d like to read about next.

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